Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century

Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the CenturyFURIOUS LOVE: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century (HarperCollins, 2010). Co-authored with Sam Kashner.

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From Publishers Weekly

Life outdoes movie melodrama in this raucous, intimate, dual biography of Hollywood’s ultimate It Couple. As told by journalist Kashner (Sinatraland) and biographer Schoenberger (Dangerous Muse: The Life of Caroline Blackwood), the romance between the glittering Tinseltown diva and the sonorous, self-loathing Shakespearean reprises their co-starring movie roles: it has the passion of Cleopatra (the Vatican condemned their on-set adultery as erotic vagrancy), the riotous merriment of The Taming of the Shrew, the poisonous marital fights of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and a cast of thousands of paparazzi and shrieking fans. The well-researched narrative—the authors make good use of Burton’s engaging love letters and diary entries—offers juicy details of his epic alcoholism and her towering tantrums, and is fascinated with the jewelry pieces, like the Taj Mahal diamond that Taylor famously extracted from Burton as tribute or penance. But from the binges and bling emerges a revealing portrait of the magnetic qualities—her vulgar warmth, his soulful virility—that glued the couple together. Here is that rare love story that holds one’s interest beyond the wedding—and a reminder, after the thin gruel of Brangelina, of what a feast celebrity can be.
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From Bookmarks Magazine

Offering up “Brangelina” as the 21st century’s lackluster answer to “Liz and Dick,” critics likened the contemporary pair to I Love Lucy‘s Fred and Ethel Mertz. Those unfamiliar with “the brawling Burtons” will find juicy anecdotes in abundance here, but Furious Love rises above mere celebrity gossip by humanizing the mythic couple, taking readers deep into their A-list world of conspicuous consumption and private pain. Despite some repetitive, cliché-ridden prose, reviewers were still captivated by this powerful portrait of doomed love. Less successful, they noted, were the authors’ attempts to connect Hollywood’s emerging celebrity culture to the relationship, ceaselessly scrutinized by the tabloids. An “addictive page-turner” (Providence Journal), Furious Love is a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the most tempestuous romances of the 20th century.

From Booklist

In this dual biography of the two legendary film stars, the authors draw upon new information, including interviews with Elizabeth Taylor and with the Burton family, to capture the famously passionate and tumultuous relationship between the legendary couple. Already well known for her multiple marriages when she met him, Elizabeth Taylor added fuel to the flame of her own celebrity in 1964 by embarking on an affair with her married Cleopatra leading man, Richard Burton. The two became inseparable, and their personal charisma, scandalous love affair, and tempestuous relationship captured the attention of the press and the public worldwide, giving rise to the paparazzi phenomenon. It’s a mesmerizing tale, but it’s also sad, and sometimes ugly, as the two stars engaged in vicious fights, nursed their jealousies and insecurities, and descended into alcoholism while outwardly living a life of glamour and sophistication. –Kathleen Hughes


“[An] unfailingly respectful and journalistically honest chronicle. . . . Where this book breaks ground is in its ability to humanize these colossal celebs. . . . Reads like a Shakespearean drama.” (USA Today )

“[An] entertaining, blow-by-blow account of the life and times of an epic Hollywood couple… There is no shortage of saucy anecdotes in Furious Love…” (Wall Street Journal )

“[A] five-alarm blaze of a biography that enthralls like an Olympian epic. . . . The authors make an excellent case that each deepened the other’s craft. . . . A vivid portrait of this…two-career marriage on steroids.” (Philadelphia Inquirer )

“Exciting and well-written, fast-paced yet containing a wealth of information, Furious Love is a fine read.” (Patricia Bosworth, author of Marlon Brando: A Biography )

“I fell for Furious Love, hook, line and sinker… Ultimately Furious Love is utterly persuasive on the ineffable force of ‘the most notorious, publicized, celebrated, and vilified love affair of its day,’ offering a powerful portrait of the ecstasies and travails of overreaching passion and crippled psyches…” (Boston Globe )

“[Furious Love] is fascinating, heartbreaking, and romantic.” (Kate Walsh )

“Long before there was Brangelina, the high-wire romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton rocked the world. In Furious Love, Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger provide dramatic historical insights into Hollywood’s stormiest, up-and-down relationship. Every page is riveting. A hit book for sure!” (Douglas Brinkley )

“An indulgent, plenty-of-fun book…the authors make shrewd observations…juicy…a good beach book.” (New York Times Book Review )


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